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What is Bundeling?

Bundeling is a smart communication platform that adapts to your organization. You can use it for various purposes and arrange everything to your heart’s content: just the way you want it.

Our platform bundles all your communication flows into one and can be customized to your needs, using its versatile features. Some organizations use Bundeling as a business app, others as an internal communications app.

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Secure and GDPR compliant

You want to be absolutely certain that your data is safe and that you are compliant with privacy legislation. When you use Bundeling, you’ll always know you’re safe.

Data storage and transmission, accessibility and privacy – we’ve thought of everything.

Bundeling app beschikbaar op verschillende devices

Connect with everyone
Always and at any time

Bundeling works on any device and at any time. This way, your entire organization is always up-to-date. Using Bundeling, you can reach everyone from smartphone to desktop users and stay connected.