Networking & Business

Networking shouldn't stop after a conference...

With Bundeling, networking can happen anywhere and at any time. Our platform stimulates interaction between the members of your network – or business club. Create more value for your organization by connecting members on our easy and accessible platform. Add your favorite functions and customize the platform as you see fit. 

Bundeling is GDPR compliant: we handle your data responsibly!

Connect your members 24/7

Accessible communication options

Add smart forms & organize your events

Connect your members 24/7

Networking usually stops after an event or conference is done – but with Bundeling, your networking or business club can keep talking until their heart’s content. This way, members will find more value in being a part of your organization. Increase engagement with automatic push notifications and direct messages.

Accessible communication options

Our different communication options help members connect with each other with just one click. Find other members and benefit from the 1-on-1 chat function or break out into different interest groups. With Bundeling, you have a ton of low-effort, high-involvement options to keep your business club members involved and talking.

Organize events!

With our smart forms, you can ask members questions and find out what their interests are. This builds an easy bridge for opening up conversations. You can also organize your events and manage who is (or isn’t) attending: help your members find who to talk to at the event or even send a direct message beforehand!

Bundle and integrate

One app, one-stop for all communication needs within your organization. We team up with numerous third parties to fulfill all of our customers’ integration needs.

The sky is the limit.

Our products

Bundeling offers you a personalized platform in which you bundle all of your communication. Our platform is completely branded, secure and GDPR-proof. You can choose between Bundeling Full Service and Bundeling Self Service. Both set you up with a personalized communication platform; Choose the product that best suits your needs and budget. Need help? Give us a shout.

Be sure to contact us, if you have any questions!