Bundeling connects your business network 24/7.

Accessible and direct communication within a single platform that encourages interaction and optimizes your work flow? That’s what Bundeling is all about. Your app fully customised and packaged in your own look & feel.

  • News items, including reactions & likes
  • Events, including registration, attendance overview and e-ticketing
  • Send push notifications
  • Complete members overview
  • Make connections & introductions
  • 1-on-1 & group chat
  • Can be expanded with powerful plug-ins for additional interaction

Over 50 business networks work with Bundeling.

The Bundeling platform offers the best tools for relevant and effective communication. In addition, it encourages interaction within the network and between members themselves, with great success. This means that you have full knowledge and information available in your pocket 24/7.

Now our club members are able to find one another much more easily.

Marcel ArtsGeneral Manager The Duke Club

From now on, communicate all your news and events within a single effective and secure platform.

The intuitive, user-friendly Bundeling CMS offers you plenty of freedom to target your message specifically or to optimize your entire event communication in just a few steps.

Easily make connections and introduce your connections to one another.

Want to know which connections will be coming to the next event? Or make a connection request beforehand? Bundeling allows you to do that. Just as easily as chatting together or introducing connections.

Plan any event with in-app registration, a real-time attendance overview and entirely digital e-ticketing.

Event communication in a few steps? Easy set-up, send automatic push notifications and reminders, and easy registration (including tickets) in the app. Store the results in your dashboard in real time or create an up-to-date attendance overview during your event, using the in-app ticket scanner.

Easy to maintain, secure and real-time insight.

  • Real-time online dashboard
  • Well-organised CMS
  • Available 24/7 
  • Easy integration and connection through Bundeling API
  • Cloud-based SaaS solution
  • Scalable ISO-certified data centre
  • GPDR-proof