"A lot of added value in your communication flow"


Increase engagement , optimize onboarding , more binding , added value , optimize information flow hourglass effect . Nice words from our customers about the effect and impact of Bundeling on their organization. Every time we can help an organization, we are proud. Organizations large or small, sporting or not, basic or extensive - we welcome all organizations where we can connect people better.

Krefeld PinguineKrefeld PinguineFabian Herzog, Sponsorship manager

We opted for Bundeling because we want to connect our partners better. Until recently we used e-mail a lot and received a lot of calls until we realized that as Krefeld Pinguine we are the ideal platform to facilitate and stimulate mutual contact and networks. Bundeling is the ideal platform for us to take that to a higher level.

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PSVPSVKoen van Haastert, Sponsormanager PSV

The app will become the central pivot in our communication to the business members. The PSV Business app will ensure that users can get in touch with each other more easily. For example, the news and invitations to events will no longer be sent via email, but very conveniently via the app.

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BS MorgenBS MorgenRené Luijten, Owner

We opted for Bundeling because we believe that entrepreneurs and members should be able to find each other in an easy way, be able to communicate with each other in an easy way and should be able to sign up for meetings in a very pleasant way.

Micodo logistiek dienstverlenersMicodo logistiek dienstverlenersHeino van Ophuizen, Director

For us, Bundeling is a platform between our planners and drivers where the lines are short and they can very quickly find papers and other matters that are important to the work. That works fine for us and we are very satisfied with it.

VVV-VenloVVV-VenloNiels Mulders, Manager Sales

For us, Bundeling is a major added value in the current media landscape because a newsletter alone is no longer sufficient. The possibilities of bundling are endless because everything can be delivered tailor-made. We can also place commercial expressions in the app to generate income so that the app pays for itself.

Triple DoubleTriple DoubleBob van Oosterhout, Director / Founder

Ik kan iedere club, bond, evenement en bedrijf aanraden hier maximaal gebruik van te maken. Hij is makkelijk in de omgang, ziet er top uit en werkt als een dolle.

Abemec Landbouw mechanisatieAbemec Landbouw mechanisatieHans Quint, Algemeen Directeur

The Bundeling app prevents you from getting an hourglass effect where you are dependent on employees and come through middle management or information. Now you can inform people one-on-one in real time so that they are aware of current events and information within the company. I can only advise companies that have to deal with multiple branches and employees with varying working hours, use this app to connect and make it a better company.

The Duke GolfThe Duke Golf

In addition to the key to business golf, The Duke also offers its members an exclusive network environment. The ideal meeting place to relax and do business together. The Duke Business App: a binding and connecting factor.

‘De nieuwe arbeid’ DNA‘De nieuwe arbeid’ DNAChristianne Bongers, Bestuurder

We were looking for a good tool with which we could find and reach each other even faster. With the Bundeling app we share knowledge and vacancies. In addition, all meetings are visible, the great thing is that you can see who is present at the meeting. So you can prepare very well. We are super enthusiastic. If you are looking for a tool as a network to create even more connection, you really have to be at Bundeling.

OSRN (Businessclub N.E.C.)OSRN (Businessclub N.E.C.)Jan Willem de Rover, Voorzitter

The Bundeling app supports the OSRN in realizing the goal of establishing more and better connections between its members.

Rapid businessclubRapid businessclubNoël van Oijen, Voorzitter

The Bundeling app offers everything needed to manage the club efficiently; member list with extensive info, face book, events, news and also its own chat function.

Luchtvaart College SchipholLuchtvaart College SchipholMadelon Leliveld, Programma Manager

The Bundeling app or LCS App is the app of Aviation College Schiphol with which you can easily get in touch with other members of the Schiphol Mobility Platform. The app also helps you to stay informed of vacancies and candidates offered within the network and of all kinds of activities and meetings organized by the network. In addition, participants can have articles published within the framework of knowledge sharing in the app.

Hit SportsHit SportsMarcel van de Rande, Directeur

The app from Bundeling is pleasant and ideal because it allows us to connect very quickly with numerous business clubs where we are active. It is well-arranged, easy to use and the added value is that the connections that we can actually produce results.

Almere City FCAlmere City FCJohn Bes, Directeur

The Bundeling app has been very well received by our members. At the moment, all communication regarding competitions, dinners and activities takes place via the app. Members now see all relevant information at a glance, while the club can see registrations and comments on a dashboard. In short; the application is a very welcome addition to the (business) club.

Best GolfBest GolfEva Timans, Sales & Events

The Bundeling application facilitates everything we were looking for. Our business members make contact with each other easily, contact details are easy to find and they easily register for events. Our events are also visited more frequently.