Community app

Unite with like-minded individuals anywhere, at any time

Link up, communicate, and help each other out – that’s what communities are for! Connect smarter with Bundeling and help your community thrive with your very own communication platform. Benefit from loads of fun(ctionalities) in an easy-to-use app, fully branded and styled to your liking!

Keep the conversation going

Easy to implement and use

Organize events

Keep the conversation going (online)

Communities can be super valuable. Sharing information, learning new skills, and reading others’ opinions is awesome! Getting together isn’t always very easy though. With Bundeling, you can create your very own platform, ensuring you can communicate 24/7 and keep the conversation going.

Easy to implement and use

Technology isn’t always on your side… Some solutions sound cool on paper but are hard to implement in reality. We promise that the Bundeling platform is easy to use for members of all groups and ages. If you’re the platform manager, you can add or remove functions however you like, and pick the functionalities that your community is waiting for.  

Organize events!

Chatting online is a lot of fun, and of incredible value when used correctly. Still, nothing beats talking face to face, right? Bundeling can also help you easily organize live events. Members can answer all types of questions in advance – concerning food allergies or preferences, for example – as well as let others know whether they‘ll be attending. 

Bundle and integrate

One app, one-stop for all communication needs within your organization. We team up with numerous third parties to fulfill all of our customers’ integration needs.

The sky is the limit.

Our products

Bundeling offers you a personalized platform in which you bundle all of your communication. Our platform is completely branded, secure and GDPR-proof. You can choose between Bundeling Self Service and Bundeling Full Service. Both set you up with a personalized communication platform; Choose the product that best suits your needs and budget. Need help? Give us a shout.

Be sure to contact us, if you have any questions!