One tool for all your communications

Reach your employees easily, even when they are on the scaffolding. You can do that with the Bundeling app. It allows you to quickly and easily arrange all communication within your company. GDPR compliant, completely in your style and adapted to your way of working.

Everything always digital and
at hand

One clear communication channel

Connect your colleagues

All the information you need in one app

All digitized knowledge, information and communication is just in your pocket. Everything at hand at the right moment: whether it’s manuals, workplace instructions or the company vision. See, you can build on that.

1-on-1 or group chats

With the Bundeling app, all your employees stay up to date with what’s going on in your company. Even if they are always on the construction site: everyone stays connected. This is how you increase interaction and engagement between teams and employees.

More than 100 companies in the construction sector have already gone before you

bundeling construction app

The smartest all-in-one communication platform

All internal business processes bundled into one app. From leave requests and work orders to workplace instructions and safety regulations. Sounds nice, but complicated? We’ll help you link your CRM, ERP and your website(s). We’ll also show you how to use the possibilities of our app. And we’ll tell you how to get your colleagues all hooked up to the app. That way, we can hit the nail on the head together.


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Easily accessible and AVG-proof

Work and private life better separated

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