Corporate & Enterprise

Share, connect, guide, and grow together with Bundeling

Structuring your communication as a large organizations can be tough. Bundeling can help ease and smoothe this process, even when there are a large number of employees or stakeholders involved. Share documents, connect employees, guide newcomers, and grow together with your customized Bundeling platform. 

We handle your data in a safe and secure way and let you benefit from a completely branded communication platform.

Structure communication, easy & secure​

Premium service and completely branded

Integrate your channels & datasources

Structure communication, easy & secure​

Bundeling does exactly what its name suggests it does: we bundle your organization into one uncluttered platform, that’s easy to use and understandable for all employees. Share important documents, chat individually – or in groups – and update your newsfeed with the ins and outs of your organization. Work in a completely secure and GDPR-complaint environment.

Premium service and completely branded​

As an enterprise, finding a platform that’s affordable for your entire organization can be tough. Bundeling offers smart pricing plans for large corporations and enterprises. Next to this, we’ll provide you with a platform that’s completely branded to your corporate identity and a Support & Success team that is eager to make your platform ROCK!

integrate and organize multiple channels and datasources

With Bundeling, you can easily organize your company into different groups and channels. Benefit from streamlined communication options, add multiple datasources and make sure all your important data is just one click away for your employees!

Bundle and integrate

One app, one-stop for all communication needs within your organization. We team up with numerous third parties to fulfill all of our customers’ integration needs.

The sky is the limit.

Our products

Bundeling offers you a personalized platform in which you bundle all of your communication. Our platform is completely branded, secure and GDPR-proof. You can choose between Bundeling Self Service and Bundeling Full Serivce. Both set you up with a personalized communication platform; Choose the product that best suits your needs and budget. Need help? Give us a shout.

Be sure to contact us, if you have any questions!