Extranet solution

An easy way to stay in touch with your stakeholders

An extranet won’t just help you bundle your internal stakeholders in one platform, it’ll also allow you to add people from inside and outside your organization into one platform. Boost cooperation between internal and external stakeholders by giving them easy access to all relevant information. 

Communication can be fun and easy. Read more about Bundeling or give it a go! 

Bundle all of your stakeholders

Make information easily accessible

Branded and catered to your needs

Bundle all of your stakeholders

Internal communication can be quite a challenge, especially if you have to combine it with your external stakeholder communication. Fortunately, you can bundle them all together into just one platform. Divide the right people into different group chats and smart labels to streamline your communication.

Everyone is easy to find and contact via our photobook, saving loads of time when it comes to trying to find contact information.

Make information accessible for everyone

Bundeling has a ton of options for sharing documents and information. Add different tabs and create designated maps for certain groups of stakeholders. You can add onboarding information, mission/vision statements or sustainability reports and share them with everyone – or with the people who have the right label. Decide who sees what via your own personal dashboard.

Branded and catered to your exact needs

Simplify your communication with Bundeling – and boost your brand awareness at the same time! Our developers build beautifully branded platforms that fit with your corporate identity. Plus, you can remove or add functionalities and third-party integrations as you see fit. We have lots of great tools that you can integrate with Bundeling.

Bundle and integrate

One app, one-stop for all communication needs within your organization. We team up with numerous third parties to fulfill all of our customers’ integration needs.

The sky is the limit.

Our products

Bundeling offers you a personalized platform in which you bundle all of your communication. Our platform is completely branded, secure and GDPR-proof. You can choose between Bundeling Self Service and Bundeling Full Service. Both set you up with a personalized communication platform; Choose the product that best suits your needs and budget. Need help? Give us a shout.

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