The Bundeling® platform, in its basic form, is delivered with several smart and handy features that improve connectivity. To make Bundeling the ultimate connectivity tool for any organization we have developed plug-ins, extra functionality that can be added to the basic Bundeling platform.

 Basic – for members
  • Members/Organizations overview
  • Comprehensive face book
  • Offline availability of content
  • Search & Find functionality
  • Latest News overview
  • News comments
  • News likes
  • Activities overview
  • Attendance Lists (who’s attending what)
  • Add Pictures to Activities
  • Connect to fellow-members
  • Introduce connections to one another
  • Receive Attendance notifications
  • Receive Birthday notifications
  • Take Notes (about your connections)
  • Send Messages
 Basic – for the organization
  • App in organizations’ look-and-feel
  • Assign Groups and Labels to Members and Organizations
  • Online Dashboard including real-time usage statistics
  • Sending Push-Notifications
  • Create/Change/Delete News Messages and Activities
  • Available for iOS and Android

 Available plug-ins

In addition to the basic functionality the Bundeling App can be customized to your organization’s wants and needs. The plug-ins below are the result of working together with our customers. They are the ones who deliver valuable feedback and experience. Missing anything? Please let us know and we will get on it.

Use Bundeling as the ultimate communication tool. With the Hybrid plug-in all the information you share in-App can also be displayed on a custom website. This way, you don’t even need your Smartphone to stay in touch with Bundeling.
From events, activities, sportsmatches to business dinners; the E-Ticket Plug-In allows you to arrange personalized entrance tickets to all your events. The accompanying “Scanning” functionality allows you to arrange the most efficient event entrances you’ll ever find. The Dashboard provides real-time insight and statistics. Simple and affordable.
Group messaging
Communication from one-to-many without distortion. Questions, Ideas, Lost-and-Found. Use this flexible plug-in to facilitate communication amongst your members.
Sport & Business
Your sport connected to sponsors. Use the Man-of-the-Match competition, Match-Sponsors, Sponsor-News, Live-Scores and Match Schedules to offer your sponsors the ultimate way to stay in touch with your network.
Use Bundeling to make social-media ambassadors of all your members. Allow them to share your posts or activities on the most popular social networks around the world!
Connect your customers with your team and your team with your customers. Send product-updates with the click of a button. Completely customizable. Get in touch for the possibilities.
Use our AppCMS to make Bundeling into a full-fledged Intranet system for your organization. Publish and share files, cluster content and integrate external communication channels. All tailored to your organization. Ask us about the possibilities!
Do you have your own CRM, HRM or other software already in place? Use our API connection to connect Bundeling and get access to the information you need. More about our API possibilities..
By-invite-only group chats for your organization. Safe, reliable and professional.
Add polls to your App. Have your users vote from several options to get to the best solution together. Simply tap the answer in the App and it’s recorded.
Let your employees fill out work orders, create a survey for your organisation. With the FlexForm system you can build forms for your app.
Corporate plan
1000+ members/users and specific requirements? Inquire about the corporate plan.