All internal communications smartly arranged within one app

Bundle your communications, documents, processes, and colleagues in your own internal communications app – completely customized to fit your organization and be GDPR compliant. Transform the way you communicate and start using Bundeling, just like hundreds of organizations already do!

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Unique opportunities

Centralize your existing channels, favorite tools, and members in one communications app and add additional functionality as needed.

Let colleagues easily find each other’s profiles and make connections. You can divide everyone into different departments and/or locations. Members can opt to receive notifications when it’s a co-worker’s birthday.

Allow colleagues to chat in a setting with the look and feel of your organization. This chat is fully GDPR compliant.

Schedule or publish important news directly (with push notifications). The news items can
be segmented, so readers will only see news relevant to them. Choose whether to allow ‘likes’ or ‘comments’.

Plan activities in Bundeling and let employees register through Bundeling. Get real-time insights of sign-ups and easily export guest lists.

Generate e-tickets in Bundeling and use the ticket scanner to validate tickets.

The good old-fashioned bulletin board got a new look! A multi-purpose tool that allows employees to place messages themselves. Customers use this tool as a ‘supply and demand’ platform or as ‘social channel’.

Create chat groups and determine who has access to which group. Share files on both individual and group level.

Easily create forms and add them to the main menu, news items or activities.

Use all Bundeling features as you would in the app, but through the browser on your desktop or laptop.

Add matches to your Bundeling platform and activate your sports community. With registration options, live scores and other fun elements.

Turn your employees into ambassadors and allow sharing of news items on social media. For example, a great feature to spread the word about job openings.

Bundeling’s most popular plugin. Use this drag & drop tool to easily set up your own Bundeling platform. Create new (sub)menus, integrate websites, add files and control who gets to see what.

Poll your employee’s with quick questions to get them even more involved in the your company.

With our in-house developed ‘DataLink’, we can collect data from any application with API options and connect them to your Bundeling platform.

Our API enables you to retrieve and send data to and from your Bundeling platform. It allows Bundeling to communicate with your preferred system.

“Clevers was growing so fast that we got lost in all our different WhatsApp group chats. Now that we use Bundeling, we have everything we need in one platform: every location can access the same information in the same place, whether that be planning instruction videos, regular group chats or this week’s menu.”

Kim Peters

Tailored to you with Bundeling's dashboard

Our innovative dashboard makes it super easy to set up your own Bundeling app. We’ve done most of the work for you, so you can easily define your app’s content, menu items, and features at your own pace – plus, you have real-time insight into your app’s usage. All in all, Bundeling is an app for and from your organization.

Bundeling Dashboard
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Every organization

Bundeling works with every organization: it’s very easy to make our multipurpose features your own. Additionally, the cost of Bundeling depends on the numbers of users and the features you choose, making us affordable for every organization. Are you curious about what Bundeling has in store for you? Request a quotation and we will contact you within 24 hours with a customized price.

Secure and GDPR compliant

When sharing information with through an external party, you want to be certain that your data is secure and you comply with privacy legislation.

Let’s start at the beginning: your data is safe with us, always. We take a reliable approach to everything including data storage or transmission, accessibility, and privacy.

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Bundeling app beschikbaar op verschillende devices

Reach everyone. Always and at any time

Bundeling works on any device and at any time. This way, your entire organization is always up-to-date. Using Bundeling, you can reach everyone from smartphone to desktop users and stay connected.

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