Welcome to Bundeling

Enjoying your job is our main prerequisite.

At Bundeling, finding pleasure in your work is extremely important to us. Because doing what you enjoy benefits both you and us. That doesn’t mean to say everything is super relaxed at Bundeling. On the contrary, we want to grow and give our customers the best possible service. So our workload can be quite high sometimes. But also deserved appreciation. Because we do it together, as a team.

What can you expect?

Together with you our team of creative and innovative colleagues builds strong communities for our customers. Or they work together on new innovation and the optimisation of the Bundeling platform. At the office or on location, we too are a community (with our own Bundeling app, of course).

At Bundeling, we stand for innovation, creativity, simplicity, efficiency, dedication and connectivity. So ‘connect smarter’ isn’t just a brand message, it’s a philosophy in which we all believe. Connecting smarter together. For our customers, for their communities and for one another.

Our offices:

Bundeling is growing! And we are, of course, pleased about this. Apart from the UK, we are active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Below you will find contact details for the various offices.


Protonenlaan 2a
5405 NE Uden
The Netherlands

+31 850 200554


Keizersveld 91b
5803 AP Venray
The Netherlands

+31 850 200554


Alt-Heerdt 104
40549 Düsseldorf

+49 178 5008904