Keeping your data safe with Bundeling

Sharing your internal communication through a third-party might cause some unease. You want to make sure that your data are safe. With Bundeling, you will always be available to your members or employees, your data will be safe and you will act in compliance with privacy legislation: check!

Let’s start at the beginning: your data are safe with us. Whether it concerns storage or the transmission of data, accessibility or privacy: we have thought it through. And that allows you to share internal documents without hesitation. Among our clients is a cybersecurity company, trusting Bundeling to take care of their communication needs.

Stored securely

We store all of our data in a Dutch data center, that is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. This means that we know exactly how the information processes work, that appropriate security measures are taken and that third-party auditors regularly check whether or not everything is still going as it should be. The data centers are also NEN 7510 certified: complying with the highest standards in information security.

GDPR proof

Of course, the Bundeling platform complies with all GDPR-regulations. All data remain your property, and we do not use it for anything. If you stop using Bundeling (we couldn’t imagine why!), all personal data will be automatically removed from all profiles after 8 weeks. The only thing remaining, will be the statistics.

Encrypted communication

All documents and information that you share through Bundeling, are sent over TLS 1.2 and 1.3 connections. This means that your data are sent over encrypted, making it of no use to anyone who would intercept the data.

Check, check, double check

So, how can we be sure that our platform is secure? We check, check, and double check. We’ll have regular security scans: we will ask ethical hackers to look for vulnerabilities in our platform. This allows us to prevent potential security issues before they even become an issue.

Guaranteed uptime

Security also means that you can always access your data. With a 99,99% uptime, we are very proud of our performance. How can we guarantee such uptime? We have a team of specialists, taking care of our infrastructure 24/7. In addition, we have various servers running as a backup. If something might happen to one of our servers (such as a power outage), another server will take over. This allows you to always access all information you need.

Safety, stability and ease of use are most important to us

We make sure to update your app regularly. And we do so for a reason: it allows us to ensure that your app runs smoothly on both older and newest devices. In addition, we can keep the security up to date: our updates also include the latest security applications. You don’t have to do anything; our team of experts will take care of it.

In the unlikely event that a bug has crept into the system, our support team and our developers are ready to solve the problem as quickly as possible. We take service seriously, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or thoughts!

Want to know more?

Want to know even more about data and security? Contact us on +31 850 20 05 54 or and we’ll be happy to explain it to you!