Who we are

Innovative, creative and slightly cocky.

We believe that we can unite people in an intelligent and innovative way, so that everyone can be their best selves. With the interests of customers and users as our starting point, we create solutions that make our lives easier. Always on the basis of simplicity and convenience, enabling users to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. We remain the reliable and inspirational partner that we aim to be by continually adding value.

Our origin.

Bundeling was founded because two start-ups arrived at the same idea from different viewpoints: bringing communities together in an app in which anybody can find his way. They both originated from a different driving force: a well-developed, accessible and user-friendly platform, as opposed to a different view on communication and community building. By informing and bringing people together in a smarter way and using this as a bridge, combining their strengths was the next logical step. Bundeling was born.

Bundeling transforms.

Bundeling changes the way in which people can come into contact with one another, how they maintain their business network and how they stay informed. We look at what is needed from the user’s point of view and armed with insights and creativity, we develop our innovative solutions. Together with our customers, we change the market and set it in motion.

Bundeling connects.

At Bundeling, we connect people’s wishes and functional requirements with our business partners’ wishes. We focus on these wishes and requirements in our design process and based on this philosophy, we continue to further optimise the Bundeling platform. Because we feel involved with our partners and end users, we support them in their development towards a tight-knit community.

Our offices:

Bundeling is growing! And we are, of course, pleased about this. Apart from the Netherlands, we are active in Belgium, Germany and the UK. Below you will find contact details for the various offices.


Protonenlaan 2a
5405 NE Uden
The Netherlands

+31 850 200554


Keizersveld 91b
5803 AP Venray
The Netherlands

+31 850 200554


Alt-Heerdt 104
40549 Düsseldorf

+49 178 5008904