One tool to connect and inform all your colleagues

There’s finally a way to inform and engage all your colleagues. Company regulations, (department) news, onboarding: when you use Bundeling, you can all centralize it in your own app, fully customized to fit your company’s needs and style and GDPR compliant. Communicate smarter and start using Bundeling.

Have everything always at the ready, digitally

One clear communication platform

Connect your colleagues

All the information you need in one app

All digitized knowledge, information, and communication fits in your pocket with the Bundeling app. You’ll always have everything at the ready if you need it, whether you want to look up instructions, employee discounts or the company vision. Bundeling helps you bundle everything into one complete communication platform.

Individual or group chats

The Bundeling app helps all your employees stay up-to-date on what’s going on in your company; everyone’s always connected at any point in time. Bundeling helps you effortlessly increase interaction and engagement between teams and employees.

More than 500 organizations have already done so

Case: Jumbo Supermarkets

Jumbo employees can find all internal communications in one trustworthy and recognizable place, from group chats and leave requests to manuals and employee discounts. Everything’s done through one app.


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Easily accessible and GDPR compliant

A better separation of work and home life

Only receive relevant messages